What are the Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Denver?

At Donaldson Law, LLC, our car accident attorneys in Denver have successfully represented our fellow residents who have been hurt in collisions caused by the negligent actions and inactions of other motorists.

We handle personal injury claims because we understand that getting hurt in a crash can lead to incredible physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Once we determine how a collision occurred, our clients are often overwhelmed by the fact that the crash did not have to happen.

Our years of experience and dedication to creating legal solutions for our clients reinforce what the Colorado Department of Transportation reports: 85% of all traffic crashes in Denver are preventable.

Part of our commitment to our Colorado communities is providing tips and resources for our fellow motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians to help keep them safe as they travel throughout the Denver metropolitan area.

To follow is a list of some of our city’s most dangerous roads and intersections.

Where are the Most Dangerous Intersections and Roadways in Denver, Colorado?

The Denver Metro area has consistently outpaced the national growth rate every decade since the 1930s, and currently has a population of more than three million people.

By 2030, the population is anticipated to increase to more than 3.6 million.

More people mean more traffic and, unfortunately, more collisions — especially at our city’s most dangerous intersections.

They include:

  • 20th and Market
  • Central Park Boulevard at East Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • West Alameda Avenue and South Santa Fe Drive
  • Blake Street and 20th
  • Downing Street at East Colfax
  • North Lincoln and East Colfax
  • West 6th Avenue and North Kalamath Street
  • North Quebec Street and East Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • Quebec Street at East 36th Avenue
  • South Colorado Boulevard at East Alameda Avenue
  • West Colfax Avenue at Kalamath Street
  • South University Boulevard and East Asbury Avenue
  • North Broadway and East 13th Avenue
  • Speer Boulevard at Auraria Parkway
  • West Alameda Avenue at South Federal Boulevard
  • West Colfax Avenue at Speer Boulevard
  • West Evans Avenue at South Federal Boulevard

How Can I Avoid Being Involved in an Accident at these Dangerous Intersections?

Knowing the rules of the road can help all motorists avoid accidents, which also means following the speed limit, and putting your phone or other electronics down while driving.

Unfortunately, even when drivers are doing all they can to drive defensively, negligent drivers are sharing our roadways and using the same intersections as the rest of us.

Paying attention to your surroundings, and safely sharing the road with other motorists can decrease your chances of being involved in a collision, so do your best each time you are behind the wheel.

If you have been hurt in a collision that was caused by a negligent driver, contact our personal injury attorneys in Denver, Colorado at Donaldson Law, LLC by calling 303-458-5000 or contact us online to schedule a free confidential consultation today to learn about your legal rights and options to pursue the necessary recovery for your injuries.


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