Speeding Remains a Factor in Nearly 25% of All Traffic Collisions in the U.S.

At Donaldson Law, LLC, our car accident attorneys in Denver know that the types of crashes that can occur on our Colorado roadways know no bounds when negligence is a factor.

Unfortunately, negligence can come in many forms, including two of the most frequent behaviors that cause tens of thousands of accidents, countless injuries, and over one-third of our country’s traffic collision fatalities throughout the country each year: Speeding and distracted driving.

Like most states, our Colorado Department of Transportation Safety Initiatives focuses on ways to eliminate distracted driving on our roadways. However, speeding is still the preeminent cause of over 27% of traffic fatalities, accounting for nearly 9,400 deaths last year throughout the country, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Distracted driving, while incredibly dangerous, was responsible for lesser than a third of the country’s speeding deaths, totaling 2,841 fatalities last year.

Our auto accident lawyers in Denver know that when traffic collisions occur at high rates of speed, the impact can be devastating.

The question is, how can we help drivers observe speeds that are safe for the conditions, like curved or icy roads, and in the areas in which they are traveling, including school zones and residential neighborhoods?

At Donaldson Law, LLC, our Denver personal injury attorneys have a few tips to help us all get to and from where we are going at safe speeds.

Obey Our Colorado Speed Limits

Speed limits change depending on where you are driving in Colorado and are higher on the interstate than they are inside the city, which is designed to keep drivers safe while traveling at a consistent speed.

The reason most people speed is not because they are responding to an emergency. It is simply because they are late, impatient, or both.

To avoid placing yourself and other drivers on our roadways in danger, consider the following tips that will allow you to obey the speed limit and arrive at your destination safely.

  • Leave for your destination with plenty of time to spare, so you are not rushing through traffic to make it to work, school, or an appointment on time.

When drivers are running behind, they are often preoccupied with the stress of being late. When that anxiety is combined with speeding, accidents can occur without notice.

  • Do not tailgate the driver in front of you to get them to speed up.

Slow down and proceed with the flow of traffic leaving plenty of room between you and the next vehicle to avoid tailgating, which can cause serious read-end accidents and injuries to both you,  the driver in front of you, and potentially a chain reaction of drivers in front and behind each of you.

  • Use cruise control to avoid speeding.

If you have trouble maintaining the proper speed limit, place your vehicle on cruise control to keep a safe driving pace until you reach your destination.

What Should I Do if the Drivers are Speeding Around Me?

It is impossible to control the actions of other drivers, and the more you try, the more frustrated you will become.

If other drivers are speeding, avoid the impulse to block their progress, and allow them to pass you safely.

What are the Financial Costs Associated with Speeding Accidents in the U.S.?

Speeding-related accidents cost the U.S. economy an estimated $40 billion each year.

Speeding-related traffic accident injuries can require extended medical care, longer recovery times, costly medical bills, ongoing lost wages, or the inability to return to work, and even temporary or permanent disabilities.

If you have been injured in a collision that was caused by a negligent, speeding, or distracted driver, contact our personal injury attorney Denver, Colorado at Donaldson Law, LLC by calling (303) 458-5000 or contact us online to schedule a free confidential consultation to learn how we can help you hold them accountable for their actions and obtain full and fair compensation for all of your damages.

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