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An accident that causes severe injury can be devastating in so many ways. Because of another person’s negligence, you can incur catastrophic injuries, mounting medical expenses, long-term rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and permanent disability. At Donaldson Law, LLC, we recognize your life may never be the same following a serious accident, but we are here to help you become as whole as possible.

With 30 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer in Denver, CO, Jennifer Donaldson has a deep understanding of tactics used by the other party to deny your rightful compensation. Furthermore, she understands that you simply want to gain what you have lost as a result of another’s carelessness.

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At Donaldson Law, LLC, we understand you are not a litigious person; you just want what’s fair and equitable following an accident. Pursuing a lawsuit is often the only way you can receive the money that you need to address medical expenses (both short-term and long-term), lost wages, and lifestyle changes after an accident.

Do not suffer any longer from an accident caused by the negligence of another person, business, or organization. Our law office represents clients throughout Colorado, including those in Denver, Lakewood, Boulder, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Aurora, Englewood, Littleton, Commerce City, Westminster, Thornton, Centennial, and nearby areas.

No matter how complex a situation you are facing, we will be there for you every step of the way. Call (303) 458-5000 to discuss your situation with Jennifer Donaldson during a free and honest consultation.

Representation That is Truly Personal

As a Denver personal injury attorney, Jennifer Donaldson is dedicated to representing individuals who have experienced serious injury or loss due to another party’s negligence. Jennifer Donaldson of Donaldson Law, LLC zealously represents clients in all personal injury matters, including car accidents, commercial truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, general negligence, workplace accidents, and premises liability. Donaldson Law, LLC will take on cases even against the largest of insurance companies or government entities.

We understand that your time is valuable and you should not have to deal with added stress. One of the defining characteristics of our Denver personal injury firm is its strong, proactive approach. From the moment you choose to have Donaldson Law, LLC represent you, we work towards gathering evidence and documents, meeting with doctors, and speaking with economists or other experts. A strong case early on can often force the other party to a settlement in your favor, since they would rather not risk losing in a trial.

Considering all legal options, including settlement, is essential. However, should a case benefit from trial to address complex issues affecting your future, you can rest assured that you will have the benefit of Jennifer Donaldson’s strong record and decades of experience in courtrooms throughout Denver County, Arapahoe County, Adams County, Jefferson County, and Boulder County.

Experienced Auto Accident Representation in Denver

An auto accident can prove to be an especially traumatic event for Colorado residents and tourists alike. In a matter of moments, you can sustain a serious physical injury, not to mention property damage. Your life can be altered temporarily or permanently due to the negligent or even criminal behavior of another driver. The other insurance company may quickly offer you a settlement in hopes that you accept. Chances are this figure may not be nearly enough to cover related medical bills.

It is in your best interest to at least consider your legal options with an experienced Denver auto accident lawyer before agreeing to anything. In fact, it is wise to say nothing to the other party’s insurance company, because your words can be used later on to deny your claim.

Certain injuries, such as concussions, neck injury, and internal injuries may not immediately be apparent. Only a physician can determine the severity of your condition and the impact on your health. Whether you were injured in a rear-end car accident in Lakewood or a high-speed collision in Commerce City, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation that you need to address these medical bills and other issues.

Donaldson Law, LLC provides all clients with personalized attention, along with decades of experience and a wealth of resources. From the moment of your free initial consultation, Jennifer Donaldson will give you a realistic review of your legal options following an auto accident in Denver, including both the positive and negative. You can expect this level of honesty and open communication from our personal injury law firm at every stage in your auto accident case.

Reducing Your Financial Burden after an Accident in Denver

The last thing you need to worry about after an accident is how you’ll pay for an attorney to even fight for the compensation that you need. Personal injury attorney Jennifer Donaldson understands what a heavy burden you face. You should remain focused on getting on the path towards improving your health. This is why our services are offered on a contingency basis. You do not have to worry about paying attorney fees unless we recover a settlement or favorable verdict.

Additionally, we understand that medical expenses following an accident in Denver can be extreme, especially if you do not have health insurance. We are committed to helping injured clients obtain the medical treatment they desperately need. Depending on your specific situation, Donaldson Law, LLC can work with physicians or health care providers chosen by you to see if they will provide medical care on a lien. A medical lien means that the medical bills will be paid out of the settlement.

Passionately Fighting for the Future of Colorado Accident Victims

Jennifer Donaldson is a lifelong resident of Colorado and an avid skier, hiker, climber and cyclist. She understands the frustrations and the impact serious injuries and permanent disability can have upon individuals who can no longer enjoy their favorite activities or even perform once routine tasks of daily life. If your injuries were caused by the carelessness of another, she will utilize all the resources in her arsenal to pursue your full and just compensation.

Many of our cases come from referrals based on Jennifer’s reputation among her legal peers as a skilled trial attorney and determined advocate. Referrals also come from former clients and friends in the outdoor recreation community who know Jennifer’s skill and character.

Our skilled Denver personal injury lawyers represent clients in the following practice areas:

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Donaldson Law, LLC proudly represents clients from across the state of Colorado, throughout Denver County including the city of Denver and the nearby enclaves of Arapahoe County, Glendale, and Holly Hills.

Jennifer also represents clients in personal injury cases in Adams County (including the cities of Commerce City, Northglenn, and Berkley), in Jefferson County (including the cities of Dakota Ridge, Lakewood, Edgewater, Mountain View, Wheat Ridge, and Lakeside), and in Arapahoe County (including the cities of Aurora, Littleton, Englewood, Bow Mar, Sheridan, Cherry Hills Village, Greenwood Village.

Donaldson Law, LLC is located in the Citadel Office Building at 3200 Cherry Creek S. Dr., Suite 520, in Denver, CO.

While attorney Jennifer Donaldson has represented hundreds of individuals in the state throughout the decades, she understands that no two situations are alike, especially once you look closely to the smallest of details. These details can make all the difference in securing an outcome for your case.

Call the office or send an online message to discuss your case personally with Jennifer Donaldson. Even if you are unsure if you have a case, it’s critical to get an assessment of your options. Our experienced legal team will be there for you, no matter the circumstances of your accident or where it occurred.

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