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Our law firm represents adults and youth who have suffered physical injury, emotional trauma, and financial losses through another party’s negligence throughout Colorado.  Over the years Jennifer Donaldson, a Denver personal injury lawyer, and her associate Melanie Stuckey, together with their skilled paralegal staff,  have helped hundreds of clients obtain the resolutions they need to begin to put their lives back together. All of our clients receive the benefit of our decades of experience, resources, and strong proactive approach.

Team of Donaldson Law, LLC

Denver Personal Injury Law Firm

As a Denver personal injury attorney with 30 years of experience, Jennifer Donaldson will fight to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions so you can focus on your recovery and return to your active and fulfilling life.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Donaldson Law, LLC handles the following types of cases:

Jennifer’s insight allows her to confidently represent you in even the most complex of cases. This experience can prove an invaluable asset when your future or that of your loved ones is on the line.

About Jennifer Donaldson

Jennifer Donaldson is a lifelong resident of Colorado and an avid skier, hiker, and cyclist. She understands the frustrations and the impact serious injuries and permanent disability can have upon individuals who can no longer enjoy their favorite activities or even perform once routine tasks of daily life. If your injuries were caused by the carelessness of another, she will utilize all the resources in her arsenal to pursue your full and just compensation.

How We Handle Personal Injury Cases

You are undoubtedly facing a mountain of worry about your physical condition and resulting financial situation.  Denver personal injury attorney Jennifer Donaldson represents individuals with serious injuries and legal problems.

We take the time to meet with you, listen to your concerns and carefully screen your case.  If Donaldson Law, LLC agrees to represent you, you will likely be offered representation on a contingent fee basis.  This means our firm is paid for professional service based on a percentage of the outcome of your case, rather than an hourly basis.  This allows you to focus on recovering from your accident while we build your case, without the worry of how you will pay for legal representation.  Additionally, our proactive efforts can help you avoid trial as a strong case may force the other party to settle in your favor. You can rest assured, however, that we will confidently fight for you should your case benefit from a trial.

The Benefits of Working with a Small Personal Injury Firm

We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest level of attention; you work with attorney Jennifer Donaldson herself, not a fresh associate. As a smaller personal injury law firm in Denver, we are able to give your case the close dedication that it needs at every stage in the process. You are also a valuable member of our team and deserve to be kept involved in the case to the extent you wish. We make it a promise that your questions are answered quickly, large or small, and you are given frequent updates about the status of your case.

Donaldson Law, LLC will be your strongest advocate during this critical time. We understand that you simply want the compensation that you need to address the financial burden facing you and your loved ones. This is what you deserve – nothing less. We work hard to ensure that your best interests are protected as you consider all of your legal options.

Denver Personal Injury Law Firm

Our law firm represents individuals throughout the Denver area, including those in Denver County, Arapahoe County, Adams County, Jefferson County, and Boulder County. For a free and honest assessment of your legal options, call (303) 458-5000 or send an online message.

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