The Success of Your Personal Injury Claim Requires Following Physician Instructions

At Donaldson Law, our personal injury attorneys in Denver know how challenging it is for our Colorado residents to return to the active lifestyles they enjoyed before they were hurt in a traffic collision.

One of the best ways to ensure our clients can get their lives back on track is to seek medical care immediately after their injuries occur and to follow all physician instructions thereafter.

The latter is two-fold. First, following all doctor’s orders, including rehabilitation and therapy appointments, will improve your overall physical and emotional condition and strength, and enhance your long-term well-being.

Next, seeking medical care and following all your physician’s directions is the cornerstone of a successful personal injury case, which may allow you to pursue the financial recovery necessary to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and additional expenses caused by the accident.

Here is why.

Without Medical Records to Support Your Injury and Recovery Needs You May Not Have a Case

Seeking medical care immediately after a personal injury occurs will allow you to identify all your injuries, and with the direction of a professional medical team, create both short- and long-term treatment plans that will allow you to fully recover.

Additionally, the core of any personal injury claim is the injury.

If you do not seek medical care, it will be difficult to prove that you have been hurt, and how severe your injuries are, and the insurance company may deny that you were hurt at all, which means you may not be entitled to financial recovery.

Follow All Treatment Requirements Outlined by Your Medical Team

All personal injuries are unique and depending on the extent of your physical and emotional damages, your recovery timeline will differ from another accident victim.

Based on your medical assessment, you will learn whether your treatment plan will take weeks, months, or require a lifetime of ongoing care.

Once your injuries are diagnosed, and the initial treatment plan is in place, you must follow all your physician’s instructions and referral requirements so that you can heal as quickly as possible and to strengthen your personal injury claim.

If you have questions about how long your medical care will last and how long you should be away from work to fully recover, ask your physician for a treatment timeline, so you can assess your overall needs and approach your recovery with a positive outlook.

Doctors can tailor your treatment plan, adjust medications, or explore options and treatment alternatives, so your long-term care is carefully planned.

Should you stop attending medical appointments and avoid therapy or rehabilitation appointments, the at-fault party’s insurance company will know that you abandoned your care and will insist conclude that your injuries are no longer impacting your quality of life.

Take the Power Away from the Insurance Company

Insurance companies work tirelessly to save their company money by undervaluing or outright denying injury claims, even when their policyholder was clearly negligent in causing the collision that led to your damages.

Documentation of your treatment, rehabilitation, and follow-up visits is the most effective way to recover from your injuries and will also help mitigate common arguments insurance carriers make to avoid paying victims as little as possible.

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