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Businesses in Colorado are required to keep their premises safe for customers and guests. This means ensuring there are no potential hazards that could cause an accident, such as wet floors or faulty equipment. Stores, no matter their size, are expected to have a reasonable level of protection for those who enter the premises.

Grocery Store Injury Attorneys

If the store owners or company managers fail to rectify hazards on the property and a person is injured in a retail store accident, the store could be held liable for damages. In these instances, a person can seek damages from the company to cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages and other issues. If you have been injured, a Colorado personal injury attorney can help.

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Retail store accidents are more common than some people might think. If you have been injured while shopping at a big box retailer or browsing at a small boutique, do not feel embarrassed about your situation. Call a Denver retail store accident lawyer at Donaldson Law, LLC.

Jennifer Donaldson has experience handling a variety of premises liability claims, and she knows what it takes to get a favorable outcome in these cases. You should not have to suffer because of another person’s negligence. She can help you fight to get the compensation you deserve.

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When people think of retail store accidents, they most often associate the incidences with grocery stores. Although that is one place where accidents do often occur, it is not the only type of store. People can be faced with a variety of accidents in several different places, including:

  • Grocery stores
  • Warehouse stores
  • Home improvement stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s
  • Big-box retailers, such as Target and Best Buy
  • Pharmacies
  • Discount stores
  • Banks
  • Shopping malls

All stores owe customers the same level of safety. No matter its location or the size of the facility, guests should feel reasonably safe when entering the premises. Owners have a certain expectation of safety that must be met.

With so many people in one place and such a large quantity of goods, retail stores have the potential to be filled with hazards. Some of the possible hazards shoppers could face in retail stores include:

Store owners likely will not be able to prevent all types of accidents. However, there is a reasonable expectation that Colorado store owners and their employees will take actions to prevent and weed out potential dangers, such as liquids on the floor.

As the injured party, you must prove the owner’s ineffectiveness and negligence. Things to consider when presenting your case include:

  • Did the owner know about the hazardous condition?
  • If the owner did not know, should he or she have known?

After a retail store accident, it is important to gather as much information about the situation as possible. This could be beneficial in proving the store is liable for your injuries. If you are injured in a store accident, some of the things you should do include:

  • Take photographs of the scene, including what caused the accident
  • File an accident report with the company before leaving the store
  • Exchange information with anyone who witnessed the accident
  • Take note of any other important observations at the scene
  • Seek medical attention immediately, and keep records

All of this information can be used to prove the store owner and his or her employees were negligent, which caused your injuries. The store could be held liable and you could receive compensation for your injuries. You could receive economic damages, which include medical bills and other out-of-pocket expenses, as well as non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

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