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Elevators are a useful and routine part of our lives that we often take for granted. It can be easy to forget that these mechanical devices can be extremely dangerous when not properly maintained. Both workers and passengers can be seriously injured when building managers neglect the safety of their elevators. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an elevator accident that resulted from negligence, you may be able to seek compensation for the damages that you have suffered.

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An attorney can help you determine the negligence involved and guide you through filing a claim against the responsible party. It can be overwhelming and confusing to take on uncooperative insurance companies or individuals protecting their own interests, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can give you the confidence to demand justice for the suffering that you’ve endured.

Denver Elevator Accident Attorney

The skilled team at Donaldson Law, LLC has taken on personal injury cases from across Colorado, from auto accidents to premises liability, and we are ready to take on your claim, no matter how challenging. You should not have to suffer physically or financially because of someone else’s negligence, and we want to ensure that doesn’t happen.

With an experienced lawyer at your side, you can confidently face the daunting task of recovering what you are rightfully owed. Call us today (303) 458-5000 or submit an online form to schedule your appointment and start moving forward.

What Types of Accidents Can Occur When Elevators are Neglected?

Business commuters, workers, and a wide range of other people trust elevators to safely transport them on a daily basis. When property management neglects to properly maintain the elevators in their building, however, it can lead to serious consequences. Although an elevator accident may call to mind a dramatic event, elevators can cause harm in a range of other ways as well.

Some scenarios that can result from elevator negligence include:

  • If an elevator does not line up properly with the target floor, this can create a dangerous tripping hazard.
  • An elevator’s doors can cause arm or leg injuries if they close on a passenger.
  • Malfunction can render an elevator stuck between floors for hours at a time. This can cause extreme stress, especially for those already prone to claustrophobia or other issues.
  • It is possible for an elevator’s cable to snap, sending it crashing to ground level. Safety mechanisms are installed to prevent this, but in the event that they fail, passengers can be seriously injured or even killed in the resulting accident.

In order to establish that your claim is valid, you must establish that your injuries resulted from a property manager’s negligence in maintaining or repairing an elevator. An attorney can help ensure that your case is solid, and make sure that you are seeking proper compensation to completely over any damages inflicted. These can include medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other concerns.

Finding a Denver Lawyer for Your Elevator Accident Claim

Whether you have suffered a broken bone or a life-altering catastrophic injury, Donaldson Law, LLC is ready to take on your claim. Denver personal injury attorney Jennifer L. Donaldson is dedicated to providing a proactive approach to every client’s situation, and we’re ready to aggressively seek out what you are rightfully owed.

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