Introducing the Colorado Biking Resource Center

In 2014, USA Today reported that United States Census Bureau data showed that the number of people who commuted to work by bicycle had increased by nearly 60 percent over the past decade. The Huffington Post reported, last December, that bike commuting tripled in Denver from 1990 to 2012. As biking becomes more popular in Colorado, more people will likely be involved in bicycle accidents.

Denver personal injury lawyer

Most people do not realize that a bike accident can give rise to a negligence claim. Since it is a typical free-time activity, it is easy to overlook the potential harm that can be caused by a biking collision. Denver personal injury lawyer Jennifer L. Donaldson believes that it is important for people to have a full understanding of state bicycle laws so they can know their rights on the road.

For this reason, Donaldson Law, LLC is proud to unveil the Colorado Biking Resource Center. Visit this section of our website to find all kinds of helpful information for residents of and visitors to the Centennial State.

You can learn more about what kinds of equipment bicycles in Colorado are required to have. You can also find tips for staying safe on bikes and various bicycle accident statistics.

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