Important Motorcycle Safety Tips for Colorado Riders

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 100,000 people are injured on motorcycles throughout the United States each year.

Last year, motorcycle collisions were responsible for 4,985 fatalities across the country, and according to the Colorado Department of Transportation, motorcyclists represent just 3% of the vehicles, but makeup 23% of all deaths on Colorado roadways — accounting for 103 over 12 months.

These staggering statistics require change, and at Donaldson Law, LLC, we believe public safety measures, like the collaborations between local businesses and the CDOT, can help motorists travel safely alongside motorcyclists.

Our personal injury attorneys in Denver applaud community outreach efforts like these and are committed to providing safety tips for travelers of all types throughout Colorado, so they will never need our services.

Here are a few tips for new and long-time riders to stay safe on our roadways.

Select a Motorcycle that Fits Your Physical Size and Riding Experience in Denver, Colorado

Your height, weight, and overall riding ability should dictate the type of motorcycle you purchase and ride regularly.

Riding a motorcycle that is too large or has too much horsepower can cause both inexperienced and veteran riders to lose control of the bike, which can cause serious injuries in and out of traffic.

Always Wear Properly Fitting Safety Gear

Much like the motorcycle you choose should fit your size and stature, the gear you purchase should fit properly to provide optimal protection.

Our Colorado Motorcycle Laws do not require riders age 18 and over to wear helmets. If the motorcycle operator or any passengers are under age 18, they must wear U.S. Department of Transportation approved helmets.

Our laws also require some form of eye protection for all riders and passengers, which may include a visor on a helmet, goggles, or eyeglasses with safety glass or plastic lenses.

Other recommended protective gear may include:

  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Pants

Fully Inspect Your Motorcycle Before Each Ride in Denver, Colorado

Before each ride, inspect the motorcycle’s mirrors, lights, turn signals, tires, brakes, throttle, and clutch to ensure they are functioning properly.

Look for any signs of wear and tear that could be hazardous during your ride and place your plans on hold if it cannot be easily fixed.

Never Ride a Motorcycle Under the Influence of Alcohol in Denver, Colorado

While most motorcycle accidents are caused by passenger vehicle drivers who violate the motorcyclist’s right-of-way, fail to detect motorcyclists in traffic, turn left in front of motorcyclists, or overtake the rider’s lane, motorcyclists can follow one single tip to help keep themselves safe in traffic: Never ride a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol.

Last year’s NHTSA crash stats reported that motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes accounted for 27% of alcohol-impaired drivers — the highest percentage of all vehicle types.

What’s more, is 43% of motorcycle riders who died in single-vehicle crashes were alcohol-impaired.

Obey All Motorcycle and Traffic Laws

The Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles provides instructions on how to obtain motorcycle endorsements for new riders.

The endorsement requires applicants to have a valid Colorado driver’s license and to pass both a written and riding skills test.

The alternative is to complete the Motorcycle Operator Safety Training, or MOST, course and present the original MOST license waiver card when obtaining a new license with the motorcycle endorsement added.

Whether you are a new rider or one who has been riding for decades, it is important to know each of the Colorado Motorcycle Laws and obey all traffic signs and signals while riding.

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