How Can A Defendant Pay For A Ski Collision Claim?

Many people who have been injured in a collision with a skier or snowboarder are reluctant to pursue a claim against the other party, even when it’s clear that the collision was the other party’s fault.  They worry that any monetary compensation they receive for their injuries will have to be paid personally by the skier or snowboarder who collided with them.  Typically this is not the case.  Most ski collision claims are covered by homeowners or renters insurance.

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If you hire Donaldson Law, LLC to represent you for your ski collision, one of our first tasks will be to determine whether the at-fault party is a homeowner or a renter.  Once this is determined we can submit the claim to the appropriate homeowners’ or renters’ insurer.  If the at-fault party is uncooperative, additional investigation may be required to locate insurance policies available to the defendant.  If an exhaustive investigation determines that the at-fault party did not have any insurance in place at the time of the crash, we will have discussions with you about your rights and whether it would be appropriate to file suit.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another skier or snowboarder,  contact our Denver ski and snowboard collisions Lawyer at Donaldson Law, LLC by calling (303)-458-5000 for a free consultation.

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