Aggressive Driving

Traffic congestion has increased dramatically in recent years, resulting in commuters spending more of their time getting to and from work each day.  People who are running late or who leave work stressed from the day’s events can already be angry before they even step into their vehicles.  Frustration with slow-moving traffic can cause many of these drivers to overreact and drive in an aggressive manner.  In response to a perceived slight on the road, people use such tactics as tailgating, cutting off other drivers, and intentionally trying to push another vehicle off the road.  In extreme cases, drivers have forced others to stop and exited their vehicle in order to initiate a confrontation.  Unfortunately, the actions of these aggressive drivers may result in serious car crashes with significant injuries.

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According to a January 4, 2017, article in USA Today, the number of road rage incidents causing highway fatalities has increased sharply over the past decade.  This trend is only a small part of the problem, which also includes many non-fatal crashes and violent altercations between drivers, such as shootings.

In Colorado, you can report aggressive drivers to the Colorado State Patrol by calling *CSP (*277) on your cell phone and providing them with the license plate number of the involved vehicle.  The State Patrol maintains a database of these reports. If a license plate is reported to them three separate times, the registered owner of the vehicle will receive a letter describing the locations and dates of the occurrences as well as a request to drive carefully in the future.  If CSP receives 5 reports for a plate number, the vehicle’s owner will get another warning letter, hand-delivered by a State Trooper.  This database has proven helpful in prosecuting cases where aggressive drivers caused serious car crashes.

If you witness a car driving aggressively, get the license plate of the car and call the Colorado State Patrol.  Do not try to follow or confront these drivers, as this often leads to an escalation of the situation.  If you are driving and feel that an aggressive driver is putting your safety at risk, you should call 911 right away.

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