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In many cases, injuries due to a violent crime are the sole responsibility of the criminal. However, in some cases the lack of security on certain business or private properties is a source of negligence if the presence of adequate security for that area may have prevented the crime and thus, the subsequent injury.

Negligent Security Attorney in Denver

This lack of adequate security can be classified as negligence under premises liability. An experienced Denver premises liability lawyer can help you fight to recover the damages you suffered due to being a crime victim in a negligently secured area.

Denver Injury Due to Negligent Security Lawyer

Becoming the victim of a crime is a traumatic experience, and having the knowledge that the crime could have been prevented if sufficient security had been provided only makes the process more painful. If you have suffered injury due to a crime committed on a poorly-secured business or private property in Denver County, Boulder County, Jefferson County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, or the surrounding areas, contact the experienced personal injury staff of Donaldson Law, LLC today.

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Negligent Security and Colorado Premises Liability

Under C.R.S. § 13-21-115, landowners of businesses and private properties have an obligation to exercise reasonable care and provide protection to licensees and invitees to their property from dangers that they do know about, or should know about. An invitee is any person who enters or remains on business or private property at the express or implied representation that the individual and/or the public is invited to enter, remain, and/or conduct business. An example of an invitee is a customer at a retail store.

A licensee is any person who enters or remains on private or business property with the landowner’s express or implied consent, such as with a friend of the landowner or other social guest. In any scenario where there is increased crime around a landowner’s private property or place of business, or an increased risk for crime due to the presence of valuables such as in a jewelry store, the landowner has an obligation to implement adequate security to protect licensees and invitees visiting the property. What is considered adequate will depend on the level of risk for crimes on the property such as:

  • Assault;
  • Robbery;
  • Kidnapping;
  • Sexual Assault;
  • Rape;
  • Manslaughter.

If you believe you were the victim of a crime on commercial or private property in Denver County that could have been prevented through the implementation of adequate security, you may be eligible for compensation. A qualified personal injury attorney in Denver can go through the details of your case and locate any points of negligence on the property owner’s part.

Indicators of Negligent Security in Denver County

Two factors are usually good indicators to landowners that the invitees and licensees visiting their properties are at a higher risk of becoming a crime victim than average. The first is that the business or private property is located in a higher-crime area. The second is the presence of several portable, valuable items such as in a high-end jewelry store or in an apartment complex. Lack of knowledge does not excuse lack of security in these circumstances because the availability of information in both circumstances indicates that the property owner should have known about the increased risk for crime.

Some examples of properties that are usually obligated to take precautionary security measures to protect licensees and invitees include retail stores, hotels, shopping malls, apartment complexes, and rental properties. If you were injured due to a crime committed on any of these types of properties, or other similar commercial or private properties, ask yourself the following:

  • Is the crime rate in the area generally above average?
  • If not above average, has the crime rate in the area seen a spike recently?
  • Is there signage warning of increased risk for crime on the property?
  • Did the property manager implement security measures such as the following:
    • Security gate?
    • Adequate fencing?
    • Security cameras and video monitoring?
    • Notice to prospective criminals of the presence of security equipment?
    • Metal detectors?
    • Alarm system?
  • Was adequate lighting present for all stairways, walkways, and the parking lot?
  • Was the premises patrolled by adequately trained security personnel, and were they performing their duties?

If the risk for crime on the premises was increased, and one or more of the above security measures was missing, you may have a claim for negligent security under premises liability. Consulting with an experienced premises liability injury lawyer in Denver County will reveal what economic and noneconomic damages your case may be eligible to recover.

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