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The potential for sustaining an injury in a building due to design or repair negligence is something very few individuals think about until the unthinkable occurs. Living or working in an unsafe environment, be it your house, apartment or office building, brings with it the increased possibility injury. Oftentimes we are not aware of the negligent design or poor maintenance of the buildings we are in. We trust that the building designers, construction companies, and repair companies have completed their jobs competently. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and their oversight can lead to serious injury or worse to a building occupant.

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If you or a family member was involved in an accident that stemmed from what you believe to be unsatisfactory design or repair, you may be eligible for compensation to address your medical and financial burden. Negligent building design or repair claims are a means by which to hold design and construction professionals accountable whose negligence results in major financial loss, injury or death. Liable parties may include architects, builders, structural engineers, manufacturers, contractors and subcontractors.

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Companies that design and build offices, condominiums, stores and residential homes are expected to create a safe environment for the building’s inhabitants or visitors. An injury due to negligent design or repair is something that nobody should have to endure.  Working with a skilled Denver personal injury attorney during this difficult time can help you identify those at fault and hold the party accountable for the losses you have sustained.

The Denver personal injury lawyer Jennifer L. Donaldson has represented individuals and their family members in a variety of complex cases against construction and design companies. Jennifer Donaldson has 30 years of experience serving the Denver community as a strong legal advocate. Her experience and proactive approach towards building a strong case can be an asset for you during this stressful time.

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Examples of Negligent Building Design in Denver

A person can be injured from negligent building design in countless ways. Some of the more common examples of faulty building design include:

  • Use of substandard or incorrect surveys;
  • Failure to properly review project progress reports;
  • Violation of contractual obligation to perform with care, skillfulness, reasonable expedience, and faithfulness;
  • Use of inadequate or defective building materials such as foundation concrete, siding, drywall, insulation, electrical, plumbing or roofing supplies
  • Failure of architects to properly supervise projects;
  • Negligence with regard to inspections and the use of data gathered from inspections in new construction and/or renovation projects;
  • Violations of Colorado building codes;
  • Defective or poor design leading to water leakage, cracked walls or foundation, and other structural failures;
  • Failure to suitably review drawings; and/or
  • Failure to detect design or construction defects which may cause injury.

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The unfortunate reality is that every building in Colorado is susceptible to the possibility of negligent design or repair issues. With this lack of safe construction brings increased chances for someone to sustain injury without notice. This can be in part due to many factors, including broken stairs, unsafe or missing guardrails, faulty drainage and falling ceiling tiles, among others.

If you have been seriously injured in what you believe is an issue of negligent design or repair, then working with a capable Denver personal injury lawyer can help alleviate some of the pain and suffering incurred. This is done by working to hold the offending parties responsible and requiring them to pay damages sustained.

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