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It is easy to imagine how paralysis in part or all of a person’s body causes serious problems for day to day activities. This kind of paralysis can result from a range of incidents, including auto accidents, medical treatments, or a bad fall. When spinal cord injuries or other damage is sustained through another person’s negligence and caused paralysis, it is important to seek financial compensation from the responsible party.

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You may be feeling overwhelmed with recovery options, medical procedures, and financial burdens hanging over your head. With an attorney at your side, however, you can regain stability and ensure that you don’t pay for someone else’s mistakes. You can confidently file a civil claim for the damages you have suffered, and a lawyer can guide you through this difficult process.

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The experienced team at Donaldson Law, LLC has tackled a range of catastrophic injuries from across Colorado, including spinal injuries and paralysis. We know that you’re facing a tough situation, and we want to help you through this process with as little stress as possible. Let us use our experience to take on your paralysis case so that you can focus on recovering.

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What are Some Causes for Paralysis in Boulder County?

Paralysis usually results from trauma to the spinal column or other nerves. This condition, meaning that the individual has lost the ability to move a portion of their body, can affect a person to carrying degrees, depending on the damage sustained. Some common situations include:

  • Paraplegia — The mid to low back portion of the spinal column has been damaged, generally resulting in paralysis in the legs.
  • Quadriplegia — The upper back or neck has been injured, leading to possible paralysis in the torso, upper extremities, legs, and possibly even the neck or head.
  • Brown-Sequard Syndrome — When one side of the spinal cord has been damaged, it is possible for an individual to lose motor control of the left or right half of their body, while the other side remains mobile.

The serious damage necessary to render a person paralyzed can be a result of a wide range of situations. Any type of accident may cause injury to the spinal cord and cause paralysis, but some of the more common scenarios include:

  • Car Accidents — Any type of vehicle accident, including bicycles, 18-wheelers, or motorcycles can result in injury and paralysis. When a drunk driver is involved, the odds of serious and permanent injuries are increased.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents — A fall, even from standing, can cause injury to the spinal cord. If a person falls on their pelvis or back, serious injury to the nerves there can be sustained.
  • Vacation Accidents — A number of vacation activities, such as skiing, parasailing, surfing, or other recreational activities can result in severe accidents.
  • Workplace Accidents — For many workers, hazardous conditions can lead to injuries, including construction workers, manufacturers, and other employees.

Seeking a Paralysis Attorney in Colorado

Paralysis can interfere with a normal lifestyle and day-to-day activities. You may require long-term care and expensive medical treatments. Don’t shoulder the burdens caused by another person’s negligence. Turn to Donaldson Law, LLC for experienced representation that can lead you to full compensation for the suffering that you or a loved one has endured.

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