Burn Injury Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

Among the many injuries that can occur as a result of an accident, burns are some of the most painful. If a person has sustained serious burns, they could face lengthy and painful treatment, scarring that can impact their life or the loss of daily function due to the pain of the injury. With the help of a burn injury attorney, you can seek out compensation for the burns that you or a loved one has sustained through another person’s negligence.

Boulder County Burn Injury Attorney

You need an attorney who knows Colorado’s personal injury laws near you to aid you in seeking out what you are owed. Jennifer Donaldson has been tackling cases for 30 years, and she knows exactly what you’re in for. The legal team at Donaldson Law, LLC is ready to stand by your side and demand fair compensation on your behalf.

Boulder County Burn Injury Attorney

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What Kinds of Situations Can Result In Burns?

Burns may seem like an uncommon occurrence, but they do happen more frequently than many people realize. Although fire is the most common cause, they can also result from chemicals, hot liquids, steam, and hot surfaces or objects.

Some scenarios that could cause serious burns include, but are not limited to:

All of these situations could stem from an individuals negligence. For instance, if a landlord did not properly maintain a fire alarm, tenants could suffer burns in the case of a fire. When negligence is to blame for a burn injury, the responsible party can be held accountable to the victims.

Types of Burns that can Occur in Colorado, and Possible Treatment

Burns can cause symptoms such as swelling, blistering, and scarring, on top of excruciating pain. The severity of a burn is determined as one of three categories:

  • First Degree — A shallow burn that only damages the top layer of skin, although these can still be very painful
  • Second Degree — This affects the top and next layer of skin
  • Third Degree — The most severe burn, which destroys all layers of skin and can damage internal tissue and organs

All of these injuries can cause extreme, long-lasting pain and will most likely require medical treatment. These treatments could include skin grafts, surgery, medication, and other financial burdens. You could be facing very high medical costs and long-term treatment, so it is important to consult your attorney to ensure that your claim will truly compensate you.

Seeking an Attorney to Represent You When Facing Burn Injuries in Denver, Colorado

You don’t have to tackle the overwhelming costs of your medical care alone. Donaldson Law, LLC knows that seeking what you are owed can be confusing and stressful, and we are here to tirelessly fight so that you don’t have to. Let us ease your mind while we seek out justice for your painful situation.

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